High Capacity Spices Powder Filling Packing Machine With Bag Palletizer

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organic fertilizer packing machine
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fertilizer packing machine
palletizing machine
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5 Set/Sets per Month Spices Powder Filling Packing Machine With Bag Palletizer
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wooden packaging for High Capacity Spices Powder Filling Packing Machine With Bag Palletizer
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Quantity(Sets) 1 - 1 >1
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High capacity spices powder filling packing machine with bag palletizer

Product Description

 The machine is automatic bag loading, automatic weighing, automatic supporting bag, automatic conveying, automatic bag folding hemming bag. It is suitable for automatic quantitative packaging and continuous automatic quantitative measurement of various granules, powders and similar materials.

.Take the bag, bag, bag filling, metering, unloading bags, sewing, reversing and conveying automatically.
.The use of PLC centralized control, high reliability.
.The weighing part adopts high precision sensors and intelligent instrument, high precision, fast speed.
.Touch screen is used in man-machine interface, the operation is simple and clear, and the screen can be directly touched with fingers.
.A large number of imported pneumatic components, simple structure, reliable work, easy maintenance.
.With fault display and online help system, quick.


Technical Parameter

Rated package weight

Graduation value


Loading speed

Gas consumption





0.4-0.8MPa 2m³/h


 Structure characteristics

 Quantitative weighing system

 Automatic electronic weigher is one of the key equipment packaging production line. Its function is to automatically weigh the material, to provide quantitative material for the packaging machine, and display the results of weighing. It can be used alone, can also be matched with the production line. By manipulating the display setting system parameters, display status and error code, by weighing the weight of material. Feeding method adopts belt feed.The system contains:
(a)Weighing control instrument (independent weight calculation calculation feedback, and realize the PLC communication linkage, parameters are as follows)
(b)Cantilever beam sensors (parameters are as follows)
(c)Large angle single weighing duckbill type discharging mechanism (stainless steel)
(d) Auxiliary dust removal mechanism

This system is a double weigh mechanism design, its working principle: packaging machine after the first of two weigh cleared, two sets of sensors to transfer the signal to the control system, the control system is determined by calculation of zero, send a signal to the corresponding belt feeding machine, belt machine feeding material, and can achieve the target weight the control system to detect the bag after the completion of the action, the control system through the electromagnetic valve to control the corresponding pneumatic device, complete weighing and discharging mechanism A floodgates, complete unloading; weighing and discharging mechanism B discharge in the bag system again to complete the bag, the final two; a weighing mechanism, while unloading another material ready, alternate, improve efficiency. (with a dust outlet, the weighing mechanism of unloading gate and entrainment device to control dust)

This system has the following advantages compared to similar products:
A. High speed data sampling (weighing AD, weight AD speed is 4000 times / sec, 32 (bit) data calculation algorithm) automatic compensation and timely tracking of material flow, automatic zero, net metering technology; and the digital filter and analog filter technology, to eliminate the influence of mechanical vibration, material impact etc. factors; and achieves multiple function display and automatic monitoring, fault diagnosis technology, a variety of data communication interface (which is connected to a computer or printer), convenient on-site management and centralized control management.
B. Large angle single duckbill type unloader weighing weighing system and other relative advantages are: the material because the weighing hopper walls are close to 90 degree angle (the angle of 97 degrees), completely overcome the original plug board, shuttergate type, arc type, internal oblique type weighing hopper weighing machine weighing. After feeding, do not feed the poor shortcomings, compared with other twin duckbill type weighing mechanism, to overcome the gap in the two door version of the powder material leakage between the characteristics of the industry.

Technical Parameter:
Power supply: AC220V 50HZ (or60HZ)
Operating temperature: -10-40 C
Energy consumption: 25W
Sensor power supply: DC12v 600mA (max)
Input sensitivity: 0.5 v/d
A/D conversion rate: 120times/sec
Highest display accuracy: 1/30000
Specified load :100kg
Material:alloy steel
Sensitivity: 20±0.2mv/v
Accuracy class:C3
Null balance:±3%Emax
Operating temperature range:-20-50℃


 Bag taking mechanism

 Take the bag mechanism is mainly to complete the continuous production process will be placed in the level of preparation on the platform of the bag bag up to rotate 90 degrees to open the bag conveying mechanism station, when the bag opening mechanism begins to work, take the bag mechanism to fetch bag work cycle reset is completed.The equipment recycling work, according to the timing control program is set in advance, once the implementation of cross sealing action, control output signal to control the action of the electromagnetic valve PLC, the cylinder drives the sucker and the splint bag together with the downward movement, while moving down a certain distance of the vacuum sucker solenoid valve open start vacuum sucker when contact to the bag surface, the rapid formation of a certain vacuum, when the set of vacuum, vacuum pressure switch output signal to the PLC, the PLC control solenoid valve bag cylinder movement, bag cylinder with good suction bag upward movement in the process of movement, so that the bag is a splint action. Good grip. When the bag cylinder is back to the position, it is detected by magnetic switch and sent out signal. PLC sends out the bag delivery command, sends the bag to the cylinder and moves the bag into the bag opening mechanism.


Bag opening, bag clamping and bag supporting mechanism

Open the bag, bag, bag supporting mechanism is used to complete the bag open, and the clamping and opening on both sides, to ensure good materials fall into the bag, when the materials fall into the bag, the bag under the tray rises, the bag supporting reset, bag clamping release, a loop end.
When the bag feeding cylinder will open the bag bag transported to the station, is attached by a magnetic switch in the bag feeding cylinder on the detected cylinder stroke end, a bag feeding signal, at the same time PLC start open bag signal on both sides of the bag opening cylinder at the same time, when each with sucker clip it, i.e. travel in place, PLC will control the vacuum solenoid valve to open the vacuum sucker, start, when a certain degree of vacuum, the cylinder to pull back, which will open the bag. A vacuum pressure switch here, if not good or open suction suction bag bag, causing fall off from the vacuum sucker, did not reach the set value to determine the open bag failure, quickly to take a bag bag replacement signal mechanism. When the bag opens in place, the clamping bag moves to clamp the moving plate to rotate to clamp the two sides of the bag, and simultaneously supports the bag cylinder to drive the supporting plate to pull the bag apart. The machine is in standby condition.
A-1.7 dust removal system: at the discharge port of weighing mechanism, the bag mouth is equipped with suction dust removal, gas solid separation device, dust recycling into the dust box, easy to use two times.
Volume: 2200 - 3000Nm fand /h



Bag carrying conveying mechanism


Hold the bag conveying mechanism is to be loaded into the material bag from the bag and clamping bag, bag supporting position hold and hold delivery to the delivery mechanism, when the guide mechanism of work, to open the bag, holding the bag bag, the bag supporting position, the end of a cycle.
In the fall after feeding began to send out a signal to start holding the bag transmission mechanism. PLC controls the solenoid valve action of the tray cylinder solenoid valve and the bag holding cylinder. The pallet rises to hold the bag, and the holding plate makes the bag positioned and not inclined. To promote the movement of the cylinder, the bag is transported to the inverted M bag import mechanism.


Lead-in mechanism

Mainly to open the opening of the bag into the open state, import the sealing conveyor to ensure the sealing quality of the sealing machine.
When the packed bags of materials delivered to the station (with attached drive magnetic switch on the cylinder test hold bag mechanism), according to the timing control program is set in advance, the clamping cylinder action, drive the splint bag. Import signal start, solenoid valve control import cylinder action, the bag into the packet machine guide conveyor. Extrusion exhaust can be added before import.


Packet product output unit

This unit is mainly composed of sewing unit, synchronous conveying equipment; double double needle;
This unit is two fold and suture operation, and will be finished by the output conveyor.
Technical Parameter:
Maximum sewing speed: 0.4725m/s
Maximum sewing feed: 10.5mm
Sewing and folding motor power: 0.37kw + 0.1kw
Sealing height: 600 - 1500mm
Conveying speed: 0.12---0.4m/s (corresponding conveyor adopts stepless speed change technology, can be adjusted according to sewing speed).


Control system

The signals of external signals and sensors are transmitted to the electric box, and the electric box controls the automatic operation of the packaging system through the programmed procedures. electric control system
The system is composed of control cabinet, touch screen operation cabinet. The touch screen panel adopts Chinese Chinese operating system, which can display and run the state of the multi screen display equipment (fault self diagnosis). Programmable controller and other foreign company photoelectric detection components and frequency conversion device constitute the main body of the control system. Drive the implementation of components to achieve the entire package of stable and orderly work by PLC through reliable procedures. The operating system has perfect fault diagnosis and alarm and interlock shutdown function.
The control system should realize the automatic control of conveying, packaging and packaging process, and establish the easy operation control platform.
The automatic packaging machine and conveying system of starting and closing sequence to realize the integrated control, a key start. Must have switched to manual function, realize the manual in order to start.
The control system adopts dynamic touch screen display, which can display the parameters such as packaging, conveying, packet and dynamic pictures of the production line in real time.


Brief introduction of automatic palletizing system


This machine palletizing system, by combining the quality of first-class brand of proximity switch, button switch, programmable controller hardware and software design of the special control experts, the standing out of the packaging bag packaging line to the customer's own stacking molding last, are highly automated system without people
Safety interlock mechanism, can provide protection for the equipment and operating personnel
The graphic display touch screen makes the whole system easy to operate, easy to diagnose, and easy to overhaul and maintain
Each factory has passed strict system testing to ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of the customer


Structure characteristics

The tablet palletizing system shown as the figure 1, consists of 1. lines, 2. lines, lifting its 3. plastic line, 4. line, 5. flat stacking grab five parts. The working process and its main functions are described as follows:

From bagged products weighing, sewing machine and other customers are standing out of the end, through the conveyor, when the package arrived reladling line (Figure 2 below), packaging bags will be exposed to the beam itself down in the country, the management board, and then transfer the belt through the guide roller slip orientation, packing bag will automatically adjust the length and direction of longitudinal conveying pipeline parallel. And the line height can be adjusted reladling. If the customer in product replacement, leading to a high degree of packing bag length, weighing and conveying line have changed, the country line through its lifting button, to drive the lifting motor itself, doing automatic height adjustment.


Packaging reverse bag conveyor

The products from different heights, and conveying line management client height adjustment, in order to better do stacking unified planning, maximize the efficacy and ability of palletizing flat stacking, is to increase the lifting line (Figure 3) will enhance the bags out of the line to a country of uniform height. The lifting line is matched with the automatic lifting of the front part, and the automatic lifting button is also added, which can adjust the lifting motor to control the lifting height of the single side and the front section to ensure the back end height unchanged.


Climbing conveyor

When the product comes out of the lifting line, the entry line is the plastic line (Figure 4). Plastic line as the name suggests is to smooth the packaging bags, so that the end of the stack of chopping beautiful, neat. Two parts are composed of shaping line, pressure package and vibration shaping. First of all, the packing bag is transported by a package roller, and the packing bag is pressed by the pressure pack roller. The pressure roller is a high rigidity spring to provide pressure, and the work height is adjustable, can ensure excellent flat effect and service life, also won't destroy the packaging bags and packaging products. From the package roller out, and then through the square roller vibration plastic transportation, the last out of the packaging bags to ensure neat and beautiful.


Leveling conveyor

Then the bags will be sent to the grab line (shown in Figure 5), with the flat stacking. The grab line through the belt around the design, to ensure that the stacking plate safe, easy to grab outside, but also to mute, energy saving and other functions.


Grasping line

The front end of the four transmission line by a proximity switch with program control, can ensure the line between orderly, forward and stop automatically, to ensure that it will not appear many bags crowded together, so that the entire line of bags are distributed, everything in good order and well arranged.
Finally, bags will be flat palletizing automatic stacking chop type customer demand. This plate has the advantages of compact structure, high capacity, fast speed, high carrying capacity and multiple advantages. It is widely used in chemical, food, feed and other high-speed production lines.

Packaging & Shipping

Packing:  inside plastic bag, outside wooden case for poultry feed pellet making machine (Based on the customers' need adopt the wooden case or wooden pellets, etc.).

Transportation: shipping, train, express or upon clients' demands. 


Company Information

Zhengzhou yuhuo Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing Machinery for more than 12 years.After these years of development, we have high quality professional teams, skillful talents, strong technical force, strong and independent research and development capabilities, advanced production equipment and a perfect aftersales service system. So choose us, equaling to choose the competitive price and stable quality both.



1) When can I get the price?

We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry.If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us or tell us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry priority. 

2) How do you make your price?

We make the price according to our comprehensive costing. And our price will lower than the trade company because we are manufacture.You will get competitive price and better quality.

3) Can you guarantee your quality?

Of course. We are the manufacture factory. More important, we put a high value on our reputation. Best quality is our principle all the time. You can be assured on our production completely.

4) How long does the whole procedure being worked out?

After you place a order,the production handling time is about 30-45 days. We need 7 days to prepare all the stuff then 30 days for manufacturing.

5) What about the transportation and delivery date?

Normally we use shipment to transprot the goods.It is about 25-40 days.It also denpends on which coutry and port you are. If there are some emergencies we can send the goods via air express, as long as you afford the traffic expense.

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